​​Cheily gained her most valuable leadership and business operations skills while serving in the United States Army as a Finance and Operations Manager, and this role launched into a career related to financial and business management, along with a strong leadership role in business and civic arenas. Upon completing six years of service, and achieving the rank of sergeant, Cheily received an honorable discharge. Cheily then promptly completed a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Management and a Master’s of Science in Management at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. The University has also employed her services for financial management of the College of Aviation.  In addition, Cheily founded Young Bear Environmental Consulting to broaden her horizons in the business world.  

At YBE, Cheily manages all day to day operations for an environmental consulting firm that operates throughout the southeast US and Caribbean.  She spends countless hours marketing and ensuring client satisfaction but don’t get her wrong, Cheily doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and she can often be found in the field conducting wetland and wildlife surveys or installing wildlife exclusionary fencing.  Cheily’s enthusiasm for improving business operations and creating a healthy working environment are evident in the various institutions that have sought her services and in the impact she has made to those on the teams she has led. Cheily is actively involved in the community volunteering within many different organizations to help improve local businesses while building relationships with current and prospective clients

Mr. Young has been involved in environmental consulting, restoration and education since his first job in a native plant restoration nursery in 1990. Since that time, Mr. Young has been involved in all facets of environmental assessments, compliance, permitting, restoration, education, etc. He has provided consulting and permitting services to his clients for municipal, state and federal regulatory programs, including NEPA environmental compliance for funding projects and for FEMA disaster relief programs. He has successfully prepared, administered and/ or implemented numerous grants for municipalities, NGO’s, universities, and state agencies. In addition to his comprehensive understanding of permitting, he has also stayed current in his scientific disciplines and is a regular instructor for environmental and ecological classes and workshops throughout the state. 

John is an Environmental Scientist with fifteen years of experience related to natural resource studies and permitting.  Over his career, John has worked to gain a vast knowledge in environmental regulatory permitting procedures.  These procedures consist of, but are not limited to, state and federal wetland delineation and verification, tree surveys, protected species permitting and relocations, biological assessments, land management, and mitigation planning and design.  John's project experience scales from single family residences to DoD compliance.  He is also knowledgeable in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and utilizes this program to create comprehensive exhibits, and analyze data to support his environmental findings.  John has worked with various professional scientists, GIS specialists, and engineers to expand his knowledge in a wide array of disciplines.  John is also considered reputable scientist by his colleagues at the Water Management District and Army Corp of Engineers.

Collaborative Team

Steven is a project manager with a background in Archetictual Design, Project Management, Building Construction Technology, AutoCAD, Construction Scheduling, Surveying, Engineering, Construction Estimating, Costing, Methods and Materials. Born and Raised in Central Florida, Steven has seen the growth and development of this area over the years.  After getting involved with construction, he built his business from the ground up eventually expanding to ten locations around Central Florida.  S. Michael Construction Services, Inc. main focus and success is based on workmanship, honesty, integrity and above all, customer service.

​Ray Jarrett is a graduate from the University of Central Florida in 1998 where he earned a BS degree in Biology with emphasis in botany, entomology and Florida ecosystems. He is a field biologist with 21 years of experience and currently works for the University of Central Florida as the Coordinator of Urban Forestry and Natural Lands Programs. He oversees all tree maintenance, installations and tree care. He acts as the university’s Land Manager overseeing restoration projects using various land management techniques including prescribed fire.

Ray is a Certified Arborist and a Tree Risk Assessor Qualifier (TRAQ) by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and a graduate from the Natural Areas Training Academy (NATA), managed by the University of Florida's, Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in partnership with The Nature Conservancy. ‘The mission of the academy is to provide opportunities for public and private resource managers to receive up-to-date and practical information and training in the techniques and management strategies relevant to protecting Florida's natural areas.

In 2009, Ray completed the Florida Master Naturalist Program (FMNP) developed by the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences (IFAS). ‘The mission of the Florida Master Naturalist Program (FMNP) is to promote awareness, understanding, and respect of Florida's natural world among Florida's citizens and visitors. This mission is accomplished in part by FMNP instructors, who teach students in the program about Florida's environment using science-based information and interpretive techniques that prepare students to share their knowledge with others.’

Ray has completed the Interagency Prescribed Fire Course and is a Type II Wildland Firefighter and a Certified Prescribed Burn Manager (Burn Boss) by the Florida Forest Service (FFS).