Protected Species

• Protected Plant & Wildlife Surveys
• Wildlife Monitoring
• Gopher Tortoise Excavation & Relocation 

• Conservation Land Management

Protected Plant & Wildlife Surveys – Young Bear Environmental Consulting conducts formal, species-specific surveys for a variety of listed wildlife including, but not limited to: bald eagle, Florida scrub-jay, southeastern American kestrel, Florida sandhill crane, sand skink (pedestrian and coverboard surveys), gopher tortoise, grasshopper sparrow, caracara, snail kite and Florida black bear. All surveys are conducted in strict compliance with FWC and USFWS survey protocols, as appropriate. Formal surveys for protected species of plants are also available.

Wildlife Monitoring – YBE Consulting conducts wildlife monitoring activities to document the nesting status of such species as bald eagles and sandhill cranes. We also conduct annual surveys to document the presence/absence of listed species and the extent of their territories, as applicable.

Gopher Tortoise Excavation & Relocation – YBE Consulting has FWC Authorized Agents on staff to facilitate excavation and relocation of gopher tortoises. We coordinate the backhoe and operator, and use the hand-shovel method to assist in the excavation of tortoises from their burrows. Once captured, we mark, measure and weigh the tortoises and transport them along with any captured commensal species (i.e. eastern indigo snake, gopher frog) to an FWC approved recipient site.

Conservation Land Management – Implementing Habitat Management Plans (HMPs) and other land management tools is often required by special condition of regulatory permits. YBE Consulting coordinates for appropriate land management activities including, but not limited to: prescribed fire, rollerchopping, selective thinning, mowing and chemical treatment of nuisance and exotic species in both upland and aquatic habitats. These activities are typically conducted to maintain habitats in optimal condition for wildlife use.