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​​Young Bear Environmental Consulting works with government agencies, educational institutions, and real estate developers, investors, and managers to comply with local, state, and federal requirements by performing environmental services and advising to our clients based on the results of our investigations. From Acquisition Due Diligence to Environmental Permitting – ​​Young Bear is your Go-To Environmental Consulting firm for the entire process.

Many large environmental consulting firms farm out work to the lowest bidder in their network of subcontractors.  This often means the person performing the investigations are unaware of the client's plans.  At ​​Young Bear, our employees perform all studies and work with you to understand your goals, priorities, and plans so that we can best inform you of the relevant conditions or risks.  We work for you, not another consulting firm, and we are accountable to you for the results.

​​The abundance of environmental laws, regulations, standards, and guidance demand a proactive approach in order for projects to be successful.  YBE Consulting stays current with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies and guidelines to be sure our clients receive the best service and results.  We are especially adept at preparing joint federal/state environmental documents with multiple-agency jurisdictions to expedite the permitting timeline.