Comprehensive Plan Amendments – Local governments assign a land use designation to properties within their jurisdiction within their Comprehensive Plan. Young Bear Environmental Consulting provides support services to property owners who wish to change their land use designation to allow for a different use secure necessary amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.

Conceptual Planning & Design Support – Every property has different natural resources that must be identified and considered during project design. YBE Consulting helps our Clients identify these natural resources, and assists the project planner and engineer to develop an ecologically friendly development plan that will avoid the more valuable natural resources while guiding necessary impacts to areas with lesser ecological value. 

Acquisition Consulting Land acquisition of regionally significant property can be used as an alternative to purchasing credits within a mitigation bank to compensate for the loss of natural resources on a development project. We assist our clients in identifying the most economically feasible mitigation solutions on a project-by-project basis. We identify and assess potential lands for their conservation value as mitigation and work with the regulatory agencies to secure approval of such alternate mitigation plans

Habitat Management Planning – Projects with on-site mitigation elements such as significant wetland preservation, upland buffer preservation, an on-site gopher tortoise recipient areas or sand skink preservation areas will require a Habitat Management Plan to outline the management and monitoring requirements associated with the mitigation and special conditions of regulatory permits. YBE Consulting develops Habitat Management Plans for these areas and these plans can be implemented by the developer and transferred to the homeowners association, Community Development District or property owner’s association as appropriate.

Long-Term Land Management Planning – YBE Consulting assists landowners in assessing the natural resources on their properties, and developing a long-term land management plan that implements agricultural and silvicultural uses with consideration for future land uses. Such practices result in preservation and management of areas with highest ecological value, while capitalizing on the agricultural value of the land.

Adaptive Land Management – YBE Consulting ecologists implement Adaptive Land Management principles as a structured approach to natural lands management. Core principles of adaptive management include identification of management objectives, establishing and implementing management techniques, predicting the outcome of management techniques, monitoring and documenting the effects of management actions, and using monitoring results to update knowledge and adjust management actions. Adaptive management principles are generally applied to our long-term natural land management projects involving large tracts of wetland and/or upland conservation land.

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