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When development plans require impact to natural resources, such as wetlands and protected species of wildlife, Young Bear Environmental Consulting prepares mitigation plans to compensate for the loss of protected or regulated resources due to development. We also design wildlife preserves and assist in designing wetland creation areas.

Wetland Quality Assessments (UMAM/WRAP) – YBE Consulting staff is trained and skilled in applying the Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method (UMAM) in accordance with Chapter 62-345 F.A.C. This state-wide assessment procedure is used to determine the quality of wetland impacts, and the amount of mitigation required to offset wetland impacts. Our qualified team can fulfill projects permitted prior to the adoption of UMAM that require assessment using the Corps’ Wetland Rapid Assessment Procedure (WRAP).

Functional Habitat Evaluations – Young Bear’s consultants are well versed in UMAM and WRAP assessments for wetland impact and mitigation and know how to get the most value for our clients.  We have designed and permitted many onsite mitigation plans that have provided compensation for functional value lost during development and have proven to provide regionally significant value for the project’s basin.  We also maintain good relationships to our mitigation bank operators to ensure our client’s get the best market rate should the need arise to mitigate offsite. 

Wetland Mitigation Design & ImplementationYBE Consulting coordinates grading and planting activities to construct wetland creation areas that can provide functional lift to compensate for wetland impact.  Young Bear conducts both qualitative and quantitative monitoring for wetland mitigation areas. We design the plans mandated by regulatory permit conditions and conduct maintenance activities and the annual assessments to ensure permit compliance.