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​Water Quality Monitoring – Regulatory agencies sometimes require water quality monitoring to document the effects of a permitted activity on the surrounding water. We are experienced in design and implementation of these monitoring plans that meet requirements of the Environmental Resource Permit conditions and maintain permit compliance.

Benthic & Seagrass Surveys – Structures in or over water such as boat docks, marinas, boat ramps, fishing piers and other recreation facilities can effect the benthic communities within the area. In addition, dredging and directional drilling also impact aquatic resources.  YBE Consulting conducts seagrass surveys and marine sediment studies to document the presence and extent of seagrasses within, and adjacent to the proposed project. The health of aquatic systems may also be measured by the types and diversity of macroinvertebrates found in the benthic substrate. Young Bear uses its strong relationships with several educational institutes to evaluate samples to identify macroinvertebrates within the sediment.  Young Bear has also created and implemented several shoreline, saltmarsh, and seagrass restoration plans.   

Aquatic Habitat Management – YBE Consulting provides nuisance species management for wetlands, lakes, and stormwater ponds.  Management can include chemical and mechanical treatment, removal of debris and supplemental plantings. Our consultants are certified trainers and licensed in Restricted Use Pesticides.